Anton Fakhriev
Product & Project manager
Business Development Manager Service

- B2B, Business development with top manufacturers in Metals, Mining, Pulp and Paper industries
- Manage 3 solution/year (on average) with international cross-functional subordination up to 10 persons
- 7+ years of experience of engineering and maintenance consultancy

Adapting the best international practices to specifics of the Russian market.

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Product Univercity
Case №1. the Lambda School for Russia
Unit-economics calculated
- The financial model is focusing on revenue instead of profitability due to high fixed expenses
- Make sense to start in the frame of IT-company/University, but not as a stand-alone business (expenses optimization)


Case №2. Aeroflot: For frequent flyers in one direction
A concept of the product and unit-economics models are created:
- The Service for complete organization in 5 clicks: transfers, flights & accomodation
- Time savings even if ordering via a company secretary
- Profitable


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